Motivating aspiring leaders to realize their potential in the areas of Leadership & Safety from keynote presentations to large and small facilitated workshops…  The bottom line: Everyone is in for a unique, educational and engaging experience!

The following are past workshop events that Allan has conducted for a growing number of satisfied clients.

Please note, that as a certified virtual speaker,  Allan is now capable of delivering all keynotes and workshops virtually upon request.

Safety Comes First

Safety in the workplace is paramount for the well-being of employees and the overall success of an organization. A commitment to creating a safe work

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“Allan’s fabulous true stories of his interesting life bring fun and humor to learning valuable life lessons. His personable style and clear communication bring professionalism and power to any presentation. 

Helga Bender, MThS, ACG, ALB

Life Transitions Coach
Helga Bender Coaching & Momentum Development

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