Motivating aspiring leaders to realize their potential in the areas of Leadership & Safety from keynote presentations to large and small facilitated workshops…  The bottom line: Everyone is in for a unique, educational and engaging experience!

“I aim to engage audience members through humorous stories from my colourful background living and working on 4 continents. I then utilize specialized workshop techniques intended to promote maximum audience engagement, enjoyment and fulfillment. Warning: Fun and laughter are guaranteed at my workshops.”   ~ Allan James Moore

Read on to find out more about the KEYNOTE TOPICS and WORKSHOP TYPES that Allan has to offer.

Please note, that as a certified virtual speaker,  Allan is now capable of delivering all keynotes and workshops virtually upon request.


“We are stronger together than we are alone” – Walter Payton

Based on the assumption that people already have the wisdom & creativity to confront the most difficult of challenges, these presentations are designed as an interactive workshop to get the audience to share their knowledge and opinions with each other. With the help of Allan, they will learn in a fun, engaging, and impactful way how to be successful leaders in safety and in every other aspect of their lives.

Leadership for Safety – I’ve Got Your Back!

This presentation encourages people affected by safety incidents to share their knowledge and opinions on what should be done to keep them and their coworkers safe at work. With the help of Allan, they will learn how to emerge as leaders in safety. Safety leadership in the context of this interactive workshop is meant to apply to all personnel. This is not for positional leaders only. All employees are expected to demonstrate safety leadership at all times. For example: a front-line worker should feel empowered to stop an unsafe act from being performed by a manager.

Communication for Safety – Understanding and Being Understood

According to data collected during previous Safety Leadership workshops conducted by Allan, having good communication skills was the main attribute that participants felt all safety leaders should possess and continually improve upon. Together with Allan, the audience will examine how communication affects safety in the workplace and explore ways to improve it.

This presentation applies to everyone. By applying contemporary communication skills to safety in the workplace, more cohesive and functional relationships and teams can be developed, which will advance the overall safety culture.

Fake it ‘Til Ya Make it… But Not in Safety!

The audience and Allan will collectively examine how competency is not being effectively assessed in the safety field and how this might be changed to reduce incidents. With the guidance of Allan, the audience will share stories and procedures for identifying and improving the safety competence of people in the workplace. This presentation applies to everyone who can potentially be exposed to dangerous situations due to worker competency issues.


Allan believes strongly in the power of collective intelligence, and he relies on 2 types of workshops that promote collaboration, participation, and networking among the audience:

  1. World Café
  2. Socratic Circle

Attendees of Allan’s workshops will learn and be given the opportunity to…


Contribute knowledge & lessons learned in a fun and engaging manner.

Mentor Others

Inspire on an individual level by revealing the importance of everyone’s opinion in shaping lessons learned.


Understand ground-breaking concepts & how they can be applied to achieve excellence.

Find Solutions

Discuss thought-provoking, innovative, & effective solutions.


Encourage communication amongst the audience to bring forth new ideas & solutions.

Develop Tools

Turn concepts & theories into practical tools for use on the road to success.

We will never forget that speech, and the inspiration and passion it conveyed to “have each other’s back”.  The speech and presentation were very well done, and it put the entire group at ease to a point that each participant freely conveyed thoughts and feelings, and actively participated in the following two hours of round table and socratic circle discussions.  This was a wonderful and memorable time for the Lethbridge office.

Allan is a humorous, passionate, motivating, and gifted speaker.  In a new company culture where Wood is actively and deliberately putting their people together with health & safety first, this presentation and workshop were simply top-notch, and I would recommend this for any office…” 

John Lobbezoo

Wood Lethbridge Office Manager, Associate Engineer – Geotechnical
Environment & Infrastructure Solutions

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