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Clients & Event Planner

Thank you Allan for providing an enlightening and engaging keynote at the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships Conference September 2019. I really wondered how you would engage nearly 300 people in activities that involved communication and movement, but you did. We received great reviews, as you were able to pull people out of their comfort zone and be part of the activities, and they enjoyed it. What made your session so popular is you spoke in terms everyone understood while using humor to get a message across. We look forward to working with you again.”

Carol Ross
Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP)

“Allan’s commitment, preparations, delivery and leadership to the Safety Leadership for Extraordinary Executives workshop at the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers (CSSE) 2018 Professional Development Conference (PDC) in Niagara Falls was a highlight for myself and other safety professionals attending the annual PDC.

The caliber of the delivery of the introductory seminar was on par with addresses from Keynote speakers with an intensity that engaged attendees and was skillfully designed to elicit discussion and debate within small groups. The facilitated group discussions on the Good, Bad and Ugly safety leadership styles led participants to identify the most desirable leadership attributes and innovative ways to improve these attributes and foster development of safety leaders.

The Socratic Circle provided a unique social arrangement that could be applied to facilitate the discussion of any strategic topic in a moderately sized group, which encouraged a free flow of opinions, and debate from all participants. The summary report was a useful output from the workshop, which was beneficial to document key conclusions and carry ideas forward as part of strategic planning.

Allan’s workshop and approach were clearly aligned with Wood’s expectations to Listen Up, Show Up, Speak Up, Team Up, Never Give Up, and Lift Others Up. The overall Wood HSSEA Program would certainly benefit from Allan Moore’s facilitation experience, skills and workshops.”

Philip W Neville BSc CRSP
Wood Senior HSE Manager, Canada, E&IS

“Allan provided a keynote speaker address on the subject of Safety for my client – a PetroChemical JV organization at a 3-day forum. Allan’s presentation and interactions with the audience were engaging and powerful. The material and framework he offered resonated with the audience and was sustained in the conversations long after the forum. His expertise, experience, and authenticity were evident to all; I would highly recommend Allan for a keynote speaking opportunity.”

Valerie (Miller) Thackray
STAAD – Organizational Effectiveness Consultant
and Leadership Coach

“A studied, well read and equally well-spoken safety professional at the height of a stellar career in the world’s most demanding safety environment, transports a room of managers, executives and staff to a far-away land and tells a personal story of danger and fear and near disaster. Allan’s story-telling abilities are captivating. His voice, presence and delivery are unique and witty. The presentation entertained and generated deep discussions around Leadership, safety and communication. Excellent job, I have recommended Allan to several strategic partners knowing that his presentation will add benefit to any organization.”

Paul Chamoun
Senior Health and Safety Lead
Clifton Associates

“Great workshop. Love the questions and personal insight.”

Jessica McCaughey
Regional Safety Manager – Alberta and Saskatchewan
Stuart Olson Inc.

“Your set up made me feel really welcome. The presentation was funny & engaging. Love the decorations.”

Berry Lerner
University of Manitoba

Berry Lerner
University of Manitoba

Audience & Industry Professionals

“Allan spoke with passion, enthusiasm and knowledge on the subject of effective safety communication. His unique speaking style combines humour, real life experiences and an obvious depth of knowledge about life as a safety professional. I left that presentation with some solid insight about how to improve my own safety communication. If you get the chance I would highly recommend attending one of Allan’s presentation. In addition to being engaged and entertained you will acquire some very useful and valuable information.”

Rob Watt
HSE Manager
On Site Services
Secure Energy Services

“Allan Moore is a captivating storyteller who makes great use of humour to engage his audiences. He is the champion of accents.”

Christina Kruis, DTM
District 42, Toastmasters International

Allan Moore has a gift. It’s that simple. He is eloquent, witty and sincere. It is a pleasure to listen to him as he weaves vivid imagery, humor and personal stories into his message which keep the audience glued to their seats with smiles on their faces.  Allan possesses a confident presence that sets him apart on the speaking stage.

Lisa Branch
ACG ALB Area D23 Director Fluor Communicators

“Learning is best achieved, when fun, laughter and challenging our minds are part of the mix. The Safety leadership Café ensures your cheeks are sore from smiling, your abdominal muscles are sore from laughing, and your mind has opened up to a myriad of new potential approaches to managing and thinking about our collective professional OHS world. Highly recommended”.

Paul Carolan, MSc, CMIOSH, CRSP
Chartered Safety Professional
Government of Nunavut

“Allan’s fabulous true stories of his interesting life bring fun and humor to learning valuable life lessons. His personable style and clear communication bring professionalism and power to any presentation.”

Helga Bender, MThS, ACG, ALB
Life Transitions Coach
Helga Bender Coaching & Momentum Development

“Allan Moore visited the Lethbridge office of E&IS, and provided a presentation and workshop on Health and Safety. The event lasted just over three hours, during which we also enjoyed an office luncheon.

The event started with about a one-hour presentation (Allan’s good/bad/ugly elephant speech) during which he held the full attention of the group of some 20 participants. We will never forget that speech, and the inspiration and passion it conveyed to “have each other’s back”. The speech and presentation were very well done, and it put the entire group at ease to a point that each participant freely conveyed thoughts and feelings, and actively participated in the following two hours of round table and socratic circle discussions. This was a wonderful and memorable time for the Lethbridge office.

Allan is a humorous, passionate, motivating, and gifted speaker. In a new company culture where Wood is actively and deliberately putting their people together with health & safety first, this presentation and workshop were simply top-notch, and I would recommend this for any office.”

John Lobbezoo
Wood Lethbridge Office Manager, Associate Engineer – Geotechnical
Environment & Infrastructure Solutions

“I have heard Allan Moore speak several times and continue to be impressed with his talents as a speaker. Al commands the stage and engages the audience through his entire presentation. His pleasant manner, ability to tell entertaining stories, use appropriate gestures, tone and humour are utilized well in supporting the message of his speeches. Al’s speeches are well organized with a natural flow between captivating introductions and conclusions. In addition, Al offers us food for thought and important insights. Al is sincere, honest and colourful. He is an authentic speaker and connects with audience members providing something to think about, in a very entertaining way. I look forward to hearing his future speeches.”

Gail Maitland
Vice President, Education
High River Toastmasters

“Allan, I look forward to working with you again– your presentations are always well attended and receive amazing feedback, a true statement of their value to our members.”

Terry A. Cunningham, CMP

Director, Conferences & Events
Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE)

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