“Allan provided a great presentation that kept everyone in the room engaged in the learning process. His colorful story of a real-life adventure was used to demonstrate differences in leadership styles and the ultimate outcomes. I would highly recommend Allan as a speaker to inject a positive energy into any group.”

Ken Kozakewich, MBA, P.Eng.

CEO Consulting Engineers of Alberta

About Allan

Having travelled to over 50 countries and worked on 4 continents, Allan is skilled at using cultural fluency to connect with diverse audiences. He capitalizes on his professional background in stand-up comedy to captivate his audience through humorous story-telling techniques. Allan’s Master’s degree in Leadership, and over 14 years of experience in the Environment, Health, & Safety fields have helped enrich the content of his well-crafted presentations.

“Some people speak and you listen. Some people speak and you are truly engaged. Allan Moore has the ability to keep you engaged. You’ll find yourself smiling, and thoroughly enjoying the experience. Al’s passion for speaking will leave you wanting more!”

Cam Mitchell, CRSP

President Kasa Consulting

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Safety Leadership
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Safety Leadership
Empowering Leaders
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Watch Allan in Action

“Allan Moore has a gift. It’s that simple. He is eloquent, witty, and sincere. It is a pleasure to listen to him as he weaves vivid imagery, humor, and personal stories into his message, which keep the audience glued to their seats with smiles on their faces. Allan possesses a confident presence that sets him apart on the speaking stage.”

Lisa Branch, ACG ALB

Area D23 Director, Fluor Communicators

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