Inspirational & Experiential
Master Degree in Leadership
Keynote Speaker
Certified Virtual Speaker
Canadian Registered Safety Professional
Published Author in the Fields of Leadership & Safety

Why Choose Allan as Your Next Keynote Speaker?

Allan is an inspirational and experiential keynote speaker who helps aspiring leaders realize their potential in the areas of Leadership and Safety. Capitalizing on his background in stand-up comedy, he delivers his message and captivates his audience through humorous story-telling techniques.

He draws on his extensive education in Leadership, his experience with large-group facilitation, and his 15 years of experience in Safety, to design group work exercises that get the audience engaged and excited to participate, network, and cross-pollinate their ideas. Allow Allan James Moore to entertain and harvest the collective intelligence of your audience at your next event. 

“I really wondered how you would engage nearly 300 people in activities that involved communication & movement, but you did. We received great reviews, as you were able to pull people out of their comfort zone & be part of the activities, & they enjoyed it. What made your session so popular is you spoke in terms everyone understood while using humor to get a message across We look forward to working with you again.”

Carol Ross

CEO/Founder, Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships

Has your live event been cancelled or restricted?

Allan is a Certified Virtual Speaker and he is ready to deliver the same experience online as he would in person.

Experience Allan’s Unique Workshops & Well-Crafted Courses

Allan’s Master’s degree in Leadership, and over 14 years of experience in the Environment, Health, & Safety fields have helped enrich the content of his well-crafted presentations.

Moreover, he gained experience with large group facilitation through the various presentations, speeches, and workshops that he delivered in Mandarin and English, while working in USA, Taiwan, China, and Canada. This has helped him design group exercises that get his audience engaged and excited to participate and network.

Allan is committed to staying active and up-to-date on his areas of expertise. He has been a CRSP since 2010 and he has been serving on the board for 3 years now. Throughout his career, he has held various leadership roles in esteemed organizations such as Stanley Tools and Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions.

“Great workshop. Love the questions and personal insight.”

Jessica McCaughey

Regional Safety Manager – Alberta and Saskatchewan
Stuart Olson Inc.

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