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Course Overview

This online Leadership for Safety course is designed to offer a foundational understanding of the contemporary leadership principles required to begin the journey towards becoming an exceptional Safety Leader in the workplace.

This course is designed for employees who already have a basic knowledge of accepted workplace safety practices and principles (e.g., Identifying and assessing hazards associated with their tasks, understanding the personal protective equipment they are required to wear, etc.) and are looking to make a more significant impact in their workplace through safety leadership.

This course is not just for those employees currently working in the safety departments or for employees holding leadership positions in their organizations. All employees with a basic, entry level knowledge of safety in the workplace can use this program to improve their own safety and positively influence the overall safety culture in their workplace.

Important Note! This course differs from other safety leadership courses in that it focuses on how practical, contemporary leadership principles can be applied to safety in the workplace; as opposed to the typical safety leadership courses which only cover basic safety principles with the word ‘leadership’ arbitrarily added to the course title.

After this course you will be able to:


Contribute the safety leadership knowledge needed to help their organization achieve a higher level of safety excellence.


Understand the responsibilities of a safety leader.


Explain how contemporary leadership principles can be applied to safety in the workplace.

Mentor Others

Recognize the importance of role safety mentorship plays in creating and developing other safety leaders in the workplace to improve overall safety culture.


Discuss thoughtful, innovative and effective solutions to safety issues in the workplace (e.g., safety incidents, non-conformance, disputes etc).

Develop Tools

List the specific safety tools every safety leader should strive to possess and continually improve upon.

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